A fast, reliable and consistent Equestrian Rug Washing service;

Equestrian Rug and Equine Laundry Service from £6 PLUS Re-Proofing from just £2 (with any rug wash) Two-Day Turnaround as standard. EXPRESS Equestrian Rug Service available on request

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Why choose Equidor Leisure’s professional horse rug cleaning service?

  • We’ll wash your rug, to rug manufacturer’s instructions, using large commercial washing machines programmed to produce the best results.
  • We can professionally wash, re-proof, dry and package your rug ready for storage.
  • Our friendly team of horse lovers are always happy help you with any questions or advice regarding the best care for your rug.
  • Not sure if your rug will survive another wash? Our experienced team will inspect your rug free of charge to ensure we never waste your time and money washing a rug which we think is beyond repair.

At Equidor Leisure we are passionate about horses, that’s why we kicked off 2019 by donating over £7,000 of stock to Essex Horse & Pony Protection Society, which has rescued and rehabilitated more than a thousand horses, ponies and donkeys at its sanctuary in Basildon, Essex. Find out more at ehpps.org.uk